PreLoved Items

Thank you for your interest in giving preloved clothing and/or baby essentials to a Stop and Help family.
We love when our supporters reach out to share more acts of kindness!

Here's how it works

Connects Families

Stop and Help connects Families in Need and Kindness Givers.

Kindness Givers

Kindness Givers (such as yourself) offer gently used/new items appropriate to a family with young children.

Offering items

S&H will advise a Family in Need of the items you are offering.

Reach directly

We will provide you their contact details, and you reach out to them directly to arrange the drop-off.

The families will not ask you to provide any further items (ie: money/food/personal support). It is a simple act of giving on your part.

They will have agreed that they are in need of the items and are willing to accept them.
Want to stay anonymous? The families need not know your contact details if you prefer - simply mention this at the bottom of the form.

For safety reasons, we cannot accept:

Stained clothing
Used bottle teats/dummies/pacifiers
Open system breast pumps eg Medela Swing or used breast pump parts

Fill up the form below and we will match you with a family in need.