I’m Moddy, and I live in Dubai with my wife, Rosemary, and our daughter, Elizma, who is 9. We’re from Kenya. It has been more than three years since we visited our country, and we just long to go home.

Last November, I was to travel to go check on my parents, both of whom were heart patients, but our daughter, who has diabetes, needed to be hospitalised.

I rescheduled my travel for March 15, 2020, but two days before that came the news that anyone leaving would not be able to return to the UAE. So I cancelled my trip, to plan an exit with my entire family.

On March 22, Dad was admitted with heart failure and on March 23, he passed on.
The same day, my mother was informed of my dad’s passing on, and she collapsed and died.

Due to the requirement for burial within 48 hours, and restricted movement, they were buried on March 25, and their only son wasn’t there.

My wife and I met while working in the tourism industry. She is my rock. I love her so much. When our daughter was diagnosed with diabetes, she left her job to care for her. After I lost my job in 2015, I worked for another company, but it closed in 2017; I was also a co-owner of a tourism company in Kenya, but the political and security situation forced us to bow out. Since then, I have been doing short-term jobs, from assisting running a furniture shop, to playing music in church and shipping car parts.

We could not afford my daughter’s school fees, so we have been homeschooling her the best way we could — borrowing what is being covered in class from her grade mates. She loves maths and English, and she is very musical. She loves playing the violin.

Someone suggested we reached out to Stop and Help as we had nothing left, after paying for my parents’ medical bills and burial.

We are looking forward to restarting our life in Dubai. I see more opportunities here in the near future. I chose to evolve with the tourism and travel industry through the Coronavirus situation .Tourism and travel is my passion. In five years, I will be one of the employers here in the UAE, strong enough to help others out, just as you are.