My name is Justin and I’m 30 years old. I’m the father of a one-year-old girl called Loreen.

I moved to the UAE with my wife Ellaine 10 years ago, and my little daughter was born in March 2019.

My dream as a father is to give everything and the best of possibilities to my family. Before the pandemic, I was working in a tourism company as a visa administrator. I have been with this company for six years, but as the tourism business is down, I have been put on unpaid leave. It is a very difficult situation right now, especially because we have our daughter to sustain and bills to pay. I have been applying for jobs but I haven’t received any answers.

My wife is currently working as a real estate admin, however also her company has also been affected and has reduced her salary.

We find it really hard to cover the daily dues but we still try to manage and survive.

Loreen has missed a lot of immunization appointments. The pediatrician is asking us to get three booster vaccines at the earliest as they are overdue, but because they are not covered from our insurance we would need pay out of pocket.

At this moment we cannot afford it, and I am concerned for my daughter as I wish the best for her.
Thank God our daughter is healthy and very active. She is so smart and naughtier each day. We love her so very much and we will do everything for her.

When we found out that we would be getting support from Stop and Help, Ellaine and I felt really happy and excited, knowing that we will get some help for my daughter’s needs. The support left us speechless.

In the near future, my wife and I have decided to go back to the Philippines. However we will still try to find jobs here before giving up. I would love to have my own small business in the Philippines, and buy a house so we can have our own home. I also wish that Loreen gets a good education.

I would like to encourage more kindhearted people to come forward and spread your hands to help all families in need during this current time. We really need your support now, especially for our children who do not know or understand what is happening in the world.
God will return all your kindness back!
I hope one day, that my family too can return the received help to other people in need.