Today I cried, not little sobs, great big rolling tears, the sort that runs your mascara down your face and leaves it blotchy and red.
I left the house early this morning to drop off some essential for a tiny new beautiful baby, a family who live here in Dubai, they had started their family 9 months ago before anyone had ever heard the word COVID. They started their family like so many of us do with hopes and dreams of a bright beautiful future. I have never met this family before and will probably never meet them again, but they really touched me. The parents don’t have work and their beautiful baby boy needed basic essentials like clothes, a cot and food, the mum and dad needed food, they were the loveliest couple, coping as best they could in an impossible situation. They haven’t given up on their dreams for their much loved new baby and all they asked for was a few clothes for him which of course they can no longer afford to buy. I took them so much more, a cot, clothes, toys and food to keep them going.
As I got back into the car It suddenly hit me, how much all of our children will miss out on, how many dreams will come to an end, how big this impact really is, we are not in this for the short term, this is reality now and will be for the for seeable future.
I cried tears for the family I met but I also cried tears of frustration that families have so much hardship and there is is little we can do to help. I cried tears for everything I have taken for granted for so long and not appreciated and now is no longer. I wanted more than ever to solve these problems to support these families, to put life back to how it was before this pandemic hit us.
We need more people to help us help these families, we can all afford just one grocery shop, this is an act of kindness that takes 10 minutes, it is minimal effort but is so worth it. Please, please if you do nothing else today, please fill in this form and offer a small shop to help families who are really hurting right now.