Kindness Stories

Janet’s Story

My name is Janet, and I am originally from the Philippines. My husband, Peter, is from Kenya and together we have a beautiful daughter called Maria.

I met my husband at the hotel where we both worked — I was a waitress and he was an accommodation supervisor. It was love at first sight! We liked chatting, and even though we are from different cultures, I still wanted to get to know him. So I did not listen to the hesitations of my friends and relatives, because love is the most important thing for me. After a few months of getting to know each other, we got married in Abu Dhabi Court. One year after our marriage, we moved to Kenya and soon after I got pregnant. Our daughter was born in early 2005.

Later, we returned to the UAE, first to Dubai and then Sharjah. I was working part time in Global Village so I could contribute a bit to my family. My husband was working in a catering company. However since Covid-19, we were both made redundant, and our plans and dreams vanished so quickly. It was as if the wind blew them away.

I am quite stressed about the present situation and it’s so difficult to be calm.

My husband was first put on unpaid leave and lately was informed that work will not be resumed until September.

My husband and I keep applying for new jobs, even online but I have not come across a work opportunity yet. I am considering going back home, either to the Philippines or Kenya however the economic situation is worse there.

My daughter is very smart, she likes to draw and sing. However we recently moved house and she is playing at home due to Covid restrictions. We want the best for her and I feel sad to see her affected by our financial difficulties. She keeps asking me why we keep moving, but it’s so difficult to explain.

My dreams are that Maria continues kindergarten, and that my husband and I continue to live here in UAE with permanent jobs. I’d like to get a driving license so I can take Maria around the UAE and give her a good life, as she often wants to go places that we can’t afford yet. To justify the fact that we don’t have a car, I tell her that walking is healthier than driving, but honestly I feel her and I know how little we have — but still I hope and pray for a better outcome!

I would like to say to the families that are going through this crisis, to keep in mind to have hope and faith, pray and empathize with one another and everything will eventually go back to normal soon.

From my family to your family, we are in this together.

“Janet’s family has been helped, but there are many families like hers. Please help spread kindness by helping a family. Please submit the form to help.”

Kindness Stories

Barbara’s Story

My name is Barbara and I’m from Cameroon and I live with my three-year-old son Bryan in Sharjah. I work in fashion retail, but the mall was closed mid-March, so I stopped working and getting a salary. We have been managing ever since, but it has been very, very rough.

Bryan is a bit naughty, but a lovely boy. He understands. He always wants to see me happy. If he were awake now, he would ask me, ‘mummy, why are you crying?’ He would tell me, ‘mummy, everything will be ok, mummy smile!’.
He is my inspiration.

That is why I hang onto him, why I don’t want to let him go back home. Until he will start school, at least I will have the joy of being with him.

I came here for greener pastures in 2009, to help my family, especially my mum, who has been sick. I met my husband here and we got married, but things have not been so good. He had some visa issues and almost two years ago he had to go back home to Nigeria. He cannot come back to the UAE now, and cannot send anything at all. In fact, sometimes we have to support him since he couldn’t find a job back home.

I now work for three days a week with a 50% pay cut. I owe two months rent. The landlord is very nice; he asked me if I have any money to give him, he would really appreciate it. I worked and got some money but I cannot pay for the two months. If I don’t pay the two months pending, he cannot again keep me. I pray he remains understanding until something else comes up.

I will try to get someone to share the room with me and Bryan. It will be of great help to me. I was a bit scared of the virus. What if the person I stay with is not careful and brings the virus home?

My dream now is to go back home and set up a business. At least I can stay with my husband and take care of the baby. Also, when Bryan starts school, I really want to be there for him.

Kindness Stories

Jojo’s Story

I’m Jojo and, like my wife, Karen, I work in hospitality in Dubai. We met in the hotel where we were both working, and have been married for two years. We are blessed with an adorable daughter, Frances, who turns one in June.

We never thought that we would have to seek help, as we both have jobs, but things did not turn out that way. We were not able to save for this situation. Since we both work in hospitality, we’ve been badly affected by Covid-19. The hotel where Karen used to work has closed; my hotel is still operational, but I have been on unpaid leave since March and I have no idea when I will go back.

My wife planned to take Frances back home to the Philippines but there were no flights and now that the flights are starting it’s hard for us to take the risk. Anyway, we do not want her to go. We can’t live without her.

Before the pandemic started, she loved going out, either to the park or the beach. We feel sad now as we can’t do that anymore. She is stuck at home watching YouTube. My wife feels guilty, as Frances’ cousins can do a lot more back home. But what would hurt us more would be if we leave her alone in the Philippines with her grandparents, that’s why as much as possible we will keep her with us.

We can’t afford to pay for our rent, so we divided our studio room into three partitions and found three people to share with us. We are just hoping that things will go back to normal but it is still far from reality so we just need to live every day until it gets better.

Stop and Help was the first group we decided to ask for help from, as it focuses on families, especially kids. I didn’t expect anything but one day I was shocked because someone rang our bell and told us we have groceries for delivery. We are so overwhelmed by what we received.

After this pandemic and once we go back to work, if there is a chance to help other people as well, we will share and help as much as we can.

Kindness Stories

Justin’s Story

My name is Justin and I’m 30 years old. I’m the father of a one-year-old girl called Loreen.

I moved to the UAE with my wife Ellaine 10 years ago, and my little daughter was born in March 2019.

My dream as a father is to give everything and the best of possibilities to my family. Before the pandemic, I was working in a tourism company as a visa administrator. I have been with this company for six years, but as the tourism business is down, I have been put on unpaid leave. It is a very difficult situation right now, especially because we have our daughter to sustain and bills to pay. I have been applying for jobs but I haven’t received any answers.

My wife is currently working as a real estate admin, however also her company has also been affected and has reduced her salary.

We find it really hard to cover the daily dues but we still try to manage and survive.

Loreen has missed a lot of immunization appointments. The pediatrician is asking us to get three booster vaccines at the earliest as they are overdue, but because they are not covered from our insurance we would need pay out of pocket.

At this moment we cannot afford it, and I am concerned for my daughter as I wish the best for her.
Thank God our daughter is healthy and very active. She is so smart and naughtier each day. We love her so very much and we will do everything for her.

When we found out that we would be getting support from Stop and Help, Ellaine and I felt really happy and excited, knowing that we will get some help for my daughter’s needs. The support left us speechless.

In the near future, my wife and I have decided to go back to the Philippines. However we will still try to find jobs here before giving up. I would love to have my own small business in the Philippines, and buy a house so we can have our own home. I also wish that Loreen gets a good education.

I would like to encourage more kindhearted people to come forward and spread your hands to help all families in need during this current time. We really need your support now, especially for our children who do not know or understand what is happening in the world.
God will return all your kindness back!
I hope one day, that my family too can return the received help to other people in need.

Kindness Stories

Moddy’s Story

I’m Moddy, and I live in Dubai with my wife, Rosemary, and our daughter, Elizma, who is 9. We’re from Kenya. It has been more than three years since we visited our country, and we just long to go home.

Last November, I was to travel to go check on my parents, both of whom were heart patients, but our daughter, who has diabetes, needed to be hospitalised.

I rescheduled my travel for March 15, 2020, but two days before that came the news that anyone leaving would not be able to return to the UAE. So I cancelled my trip, to plan an exit with my entire family.

On March 22, Dad was admitted with heart failure and on March 23, he passed on.
The same day, my mother was informed of my dad’s passing on, and she collapsed and died.

Due to the requirement for burial within 48 hours, and restricted movement, they were buried on March 25, and their only son wasn’t there.

My wife and I met while working in the tourism industry. She is my rock. I love her so much. When our daughter was diagnosed with diabetes, she left her job to care for her. After I lost my job in 2015, I worked for another company, but it closed in 2017; I was also a co-owner of a tourism company in Kenya, but the political and security situation forced us to bow out. Since then, I have been doing short-term jobs, from assisting running a furniture shop, to playing music in church and shipping car parts.

We could not afford my daughter’s school fees, so we have been homeschooling her the best way we could — borrowing what is being covered in class from her grade mates. She loves maths and English, and she is very musical. She loves playing the violin.

Someone suggested we reached out to Stop and Help as we had nothing left, after paying for my parents’ medical bills and burial.

We are looking forward to restarting our life in Dubai. I see more opportunities here in the near future. I chose to evolve with the tourism and travel industry through the Coronavirus situation .Tourism and travel is my passion. In five years, I will be one of the employers here in the UAE, strong enough to help others out, just as you are.