Some days, you know the ones, you feel like you have crawled up hill pulling a truck through thick mud, at the end of the day your to do list is longer than when you started in the morning.
As I am finishing the day I reflected on a day where in my mind I had achieved nothing, but when I break it down it’s not really as bad as I think, I took time out this morning to support my daughter who struggles with her health and terrible anxiety to the point it literally consumes everything around her, some days I don’t realize how difficult her world is and taking time out to rationalize with a person who is not in a rationalizing state of mind can be a little challenging, anyway today was that day when time was short, but it was important to stop the clock and just pause to solve the problem. If I had one huge wish right now it would be to turn her health back two years and see her just run and laugh again.
A full day of back to back clients and then a mad race to a center who had kindly collected baby items for a man who’s wife had died of COVID just 2 weeks after delivering her baby. Arranging some CSR to leverage the value of these items, then dealing with another family on the phone on the way home who have lost everything and more than you can imagine when their employer took off and skipped the country.
Home to a message that a lady in hospital was waiting to be taken into jail for having had a baby out of marriage, but she has no money, no clothes and no items for the baby. Speaking to her to give her support and make sure she knows I will get some items to her tomorrow for her baby, connecting her with a charity that will provide basic legal support and ensure her baby gets the correct paper work and birth certificate. Connecting another family to a charity to help them pay their exorbitant hospital fees, then packing the car up with baby items for a family who have no money to buy food and diapers or clothes for their baby and by the way no food for themselves but they are only worried about their baby.
A quick mail shot, few invoices, supper, connecting mum with my dads cousin through a video call, heading mum from off trying to go down the road to the chapel (its a long journey from Dubai to Nolton) and then trying to side step her to unpack the lorry with the baby items that have been delivered from the centre.
In between this a business assignment with Mikey, prepping a mail shot for quick delivery. Some speculative emails to try and get better reach for Stop and Help, sorting out a CV for a lovely lady who needs some help to find a job after losing hers during this crisis and checking in on the families I personally sponsor to make sure they are ok.
I guess on reflection today wasn’t a complete write-off, sure there are still things on my to do list, but a positive impact on three families in real crisis is not “nothing”.
Tomorrow morning I am helping a lady rescue some dogs, so please let me know if anyone has any room in their hearts to help! There is plenty of scope right now for so many people to step forward and do even the smallest thing to make someone else’s life just that little bit easier.

Thank you